What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal means by which a court supervises the settling of the estate of a deceased person. If the deceased had no will, the court nominates a person called the administrator. Alternatively, the will nominates a person. The administrator gathers all of the deceased’s assets, pays bills and distributes the remainder to beneficiaries.

The probate process is a way of ensuring that the will is genuine. It is essential to the prevention of fraudulent acquisition of the deceased’s estate. The probate process freezes all assets until the court determines that the will is real. It also ensures that all bills have been paid and that all relevant parties have been informed.

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Once the probate petition is filed, a notice is published in the local newspaper.

Assets held in a trust are normally not subject to probate, nor are assets that are held in joint tenancy or that have a designated beneficiary.

Resolving Conflicts And Disputes

At times, disputes may arise. For instance, divorced spouses or stepchildren may make a claim on the estate, or an administrator may be accused of fraud. Dealing with disgruntled claimants can be quite challenging when you try to handle it alone. A lawyer can help your family deal with probate disputes and litigation in an effective, economical manner.

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