Resolving Your Trust-Related Disputes

Many disputes can arise during the administration of a trust. At Abrams Probate & Planning Group, I assist individuals and families that have encountered problems during the process.

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Handling All Types Of Litigation

Initially, many people choose to set up a trust to avoid probate and simplify the estate administration process. However, a dispute during the administration process can become costly and time-consuming. My firm resolves disputes related to:

  • Improper drafting
  • Distribution of property
  • Undue influence
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud

A trust often holds property and assets of significant value. For this and other reasons, litigation can be a very complex legal process. At Abrams Probate & Planning Group, I seek efficient resolutions to disputes, using my experience to protect clients’ interests when a significant property is involved.

Representing Trustees

If you are the trustee, I can help you understand your responsibilities and fulfill your duties. If a dispute has developed during the process of administering the trust, I can help you balance your responsibilities as a trustee with resolving the dispute at hand.

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