Yes, You Need an Estate Plan

If you think you can get by without an estate plan, think again. No matter where you currently are in life, you won’t go far without preparing for tomorrow. The question isn’t whether you need an estate plan, but rather what your estate plan needs to contain.

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You Need A Plan If You Want To Stay In Control

Estate plans provide stipulations for how your property will be handled following your death. Although the court system will certainly determine how to distribute your assets in the absence of any plans, these decisions often leave much to be desired. Creating an estate plan now can help you take matters into your own hands even if you won’t be around to see them followed through.

You Need A Plan No Matter Your Age

People of all ages rely on estate planning to achieve their goals. New parents create guardianships to care for their kids in case of their own deaths. Seniors leave assets to their children or contribute to charity. Estate planning is a personal process that should reflect your unique needs.

You Need A Plan That Fits Your Circumstances

Tax mitigation is a huge potential benefit of estate planning. The percentage of your inheritance that actually serves your intended purposes depends on numerous factors, such as estate taxes that might slice into your heirs’ piece of the pie. Effective planning may involve the creation of trusts, insurance policies and other financial vehicles that reduce tax burdens legally.

You can also use trusts to guide and care for your heirs after your death. For instance, you may designate a specific disbursement plan that prevents a spendthrift child from using up all of his or her inheritance at once, or you can create a charitable trust structure that helps sustain a disabled relative’s ongoing medical care.

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